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Sahara Desert Animals Video for Kids

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                                                       Sahara Desert

Sahara is an Arabic name that means desert. The Sahara Desert comprises of 8% of world’s land area. Total 11 countries have parts of this desert: – Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Chad, Niger, Mali, Sudan, Eritrea, Morocco, and Mauritania. Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world but it was not always like this.

Approximately 8,000 years ago crops grew here in abundance. Some parts of the desert are fertile even today. The Sahara Desert is just 30% sand and 70% gravel. The desert has different types of landforms like Regs, Ergs, Hamada, Salt Flats, and Dunes etc.


Quick Facts: –

  • The hottest temperature ever recorded in Sahara was 58°C.
  • This desert is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the West side, the Red Sea on the East side, The Atlas Mountain and the Mediterranean Sea on the North Side, Sudan and the Valley of Niger River on the South.
  • The Sahara Desert has one of the harshest climates in the world.
  • Some sand dunes in the desert can reach more than 590 feet in height.
  • Most of the population of Sahara is nomads. They keep moving from one place to another.
  • Dung Beetle can be found here which was considered a holy symbol by the Ancient Egyptians.
  • Dinosaur fossils also have been found in the Sahara Desert.
  • Sandstorms are very common in this area. Brown clouds of sand cover the sky completely.
  • There are approximately 1,200 different species of plants that grow in the Sahara Desert.
  • A total of 70 different animal species call the Sahara home.
  • Emi Koussi is the highest point in the Sahara. It is a shield volcano in the northern Chad.


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