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Science Experiments for Kids – Video for Kids

Watch this wonderful special and extremely simple to understand Science Experiments for Kids fun facts for kids video:

Why Watch this Science Experiments for Kids Video

This is a great video that shows a lot of fun science experiments for kids you can do with dry ice. The experiments in this video are all fairly simple and mainly will just use dry ice and other household items. For all the experiments, the video will give a list of the materials that will be used and shows the step by step methods on how to do the experiment. You will find 4 different experiments in this video; the dry ice bubble, magic potion, the singing spoon and smoke filled bubbles. The video also explains what happens in the experiments like sublimation and chemical reactions.

Enjoy viewing this Science Experiments for Kids facts for kids video and substantially extend your children’s attraction to Science Experiments for Kids.

This Science Experiments for Kids video is truly great for your kids, from ones participating in early learning programs for Kindergarten children, to grade 5, clearly also including preschool youngsters and home-schooled children.

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