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States included in the Midwest


Midwest is a region that includes 12 states in the north central United States: – Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio and Wisconsin. This region extends north and west from the Ohio River to west of the Mississippi River. It is also known as the Heartland of America.


Facts you didn’t know about Midwest: –

  • This particular region produces more corn every year than any other area of the United States.
  • Chicago is the largest city and unofficial capital of the Midwest.
  • The region has major waterways including the Mississippi River. This river is fed by the Missouri and Ohio River.
  • Manufacturing and heavy industry became very popular in the Midwest.
  • Earlier, this region was completely covered by mixed forests and open grasslands but now, they have been cleared.
  • Midwest has fertile soil and a perfect climate for farming.
  • This region of the Unites States has various nicknames like ‘Middle America’ and ‘America’s Breadbasket’.
  • Twinkies were invented in this region.
  • Catholicism is the largest single religious denomination in this region.
  • This region received the nickname Breadbasket because it produces a large portion of cereal crops.
  • It is still a topic of discussion which states should be included in the Midwest.


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