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Sydney Harbour Bridge


Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most well-known landmarks of Australia. It is the sixth longest spanning-arch bridge in the world and the tallest steel arch bridge. This bridge measures 134 meters (440 feet) from the top to water level. It was inaugurated on March 19, 1932. It took 1,400 men eight years to build this bridge.

The total cost of construction was 4.2 million dollars. During the construction a total of 16 fatalities occurred. Due to its distinctive arch shape, the bridge has got a nickname ‘Coat Hanger’.


Fast Facts: –

  • The initial three coats on the bridge required 272,000 liters of paint.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge carries all kinds of traffic including rail, vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • The idea of building a bridge in Sydney Harbour was first proposed in as early as 1815.
  • Due to the construction of this bridge, homes of 800 families were demolished without providing any compensation.
  • The top of the arch rises and falls about 180 millimeters due to changes in the temperature.
  • In the early years, around 11,000 cars travelled over the bridge every day. Now the number has increased to 160,000.
  • The total weight of Sydney Harbour Bridge is approximately 52,800 tonnes, the arch alone weighing 39,000 tonnes.
  • Around six million Australian-made rivets are used to hold the bridge together.
  • The arch top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge includes special hinges.
  • Since 1998, tourists have been able to climb to the top of the bridge.



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