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The Hunting Habits of the Allosaurus Dinosaur Video for Kids


                                                  Allosaurus Facts

The name Allosaurus has been derived from the Greek word where ‘allos’ means different and ‘sauros’ means lizard’. They lived in the late Jurassic period that was approximately 150 million years ago. These dinosaurs were first described by Othniel Marsh in 1877. Most of their fossils have been found in the Morrison Formation which is located in the western United States. A 95% complete skeleton of Allosaurus was found in Wyoming, United States in 1991.

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • Allosaurus weighed about 4 tons and their length was around 28 feet.
  • Initially they were named as ‘Antrodemus’.
  • These dinosaurs had a large skull and they were bipedal creatures as they walked on two legs.
  • They had a long and heavy tail which is used to balance their massive body.
  • They had short but powerful arms. In each arm they had three fingers with sharp and cured claws.
  • They are also known as great-great grandfather of T. Rex.
  • They had 16 teeth in each jaw. Their teeth were large and sharp which made it easy for them to prey.
  • The average lifespan of an Allosaurus is 25 to 30 years.
  • The most popular and best preserved fossil of Allosaurus is ‘Big Al’.
  • Allosaurus is the state fossil of Utah.
  • These dinosaurs are also known as ‘Flesh-grazer’ because they have slightly different dining habits. They love to rip the flesh off the live prey.
  • Allosaurus mostly preyed on Stegosaurus.
  • They constantly grew, shed and replaced their teeth.
  • These carnivorous dinosaurs were the largest predator of their time and the top of the food chain.


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