Thorny Devil Lizard – Download Free Printable Science Worksheets for Third Grade Kids

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Thorny devils change color depending on the temperature. When temperatures are cool, they’re usually brown or gray.

The Thorny Devil Lizard Worksheet – Download Free Printable Science Worksheets for Third Grade Kids. You can use our hidden words activity sheet about thorny lizards for kids in Grades 1-5 as well as for Pre-K and Kindergarten kids.

Pre-K and Kindergarten kids will enjoy this devil lizards word search game as a fun listening comprehension activity.

Grammar & Primary school kids can use this worksheet to learn thorny devil facts as well as a reading comprehension exercise.

This search-a-word puzzle game makes learning about thorny devil lizards fun for kids.
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What is a thorny devil? A thorny devil lizard is a specie of lizard found in Australian deserts. These thorny lizards burrow underground to escape the heat. Some people mistakenly call thorny devils, thorny dragons.
What do thorny lizards eat?

Download this word puzzle game to learn more Australian thorny devil facts for kids.

FREE Thorny Devil Lizard Activity sheet for Science

[sociallocker]Download the fun science for kids at home worksheet about the thorny devil.

Download the Thorny Devil Lizard Worksheet!
Download the Thorny Devil Lizard Worksheet!


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