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Tigris River

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The Tigris River is one of two main rivers of ancient Mesopotamia. This river forms the border between Syria and Turkey. Along with Euphrates River, it forms a great river system of south-western Asia. The Tigris River measures approximately 1,800 kilometers in length.

It rises in the Taurus Mountains of eastern Turkey and then keeps flowing in a generally south-easterly direction and eventually joins the Euphrates River near Al Qurna in southern Iraq.


Quick Facts: –

  • This river has been an important transport route for so long in a largely desert country, Iraq.
  • Tigris River is heavily dammed in both countries, Turkey and Iraq. The Mosul Dam is the largest in Iraq.
  • The drainage basin of the river covers approximately 37,5000 square kilometers.
  • It is the second largest river in Western Asia, next to the Euphrates River.
  • It has 4 important tributaries which are the Adhem River, the Greater Zab, the Lesser Zab and the Diyala River.
  • The land where this river flows through gets very little rainfall in a year so it has a hot climate.
  • The course of the river has been altered over time so now the entire river system has different outlets.
  • Approximately fifty different types of fishes can be found in the river.
  • In ancient times, The Gharraf River was the main bed of the river but now is just a branch.
  • The river is navigable to Baghdad for shallow-draft vessels.



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