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                                                  Uses of Carbon

Carbon is the fourth most common element in the entire universe. It is also one of the most stable elements known. The term carbon has been derived from the Latin word carbo that means coal. This chemical element has symbol C and atomic number 6. This element is named by Antoine Lavoisier. It occurs naturally as anthracite, graphite, and diamond. This element forms a large number of compounds. It bonds very easily with other non-metallic elements. This is the reason why it is sometimes referred as the building block of life. There are various uses of carbon like in dry ice, teeth whitening, fire extinguishers etc.

Quick Facts: –

  • Graphite is one of the three allotropes of carbon. It is the softest and most versatile.
  • It is also used as a thermal insulator and it is a very good conductor of electricity.
  • In 1779, Car Scheele was the first person to show that carbon is formed when graphite is burned.
  • Diamond and graphite both are carbon’s allotropes but they are very different. Diamond is very hard and transparent while graphite is soft and black in color.
  • Graphite is most commonly used in steel processing, lubrication, and pencil lead.
  • Carbon forms many different compounds but it is an unreactive element.
  • It has the highest melting point of all the elements with a figure of around 3500°C.
  • Carbon cycle is a process in which the element is exchanged between many living organisms.
  • Carbon dating is a technique used to determine the age of minerals and fossils.
  • This element is also found in the Sun and other stars formed from the debris of a supernova.
  • Charcoal is a form of impure carbon which is used in metal smelting.