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Volcano Experiment Video for Kids

In this video, a simple science experiment to make volcanoes by using water is demonstrated.

                                              Volcano Experiment

A volcano can be defined as a vent on the surface of a planet that transfers molten rock to the earth’s surface from its depth. This molten rock is known as magma. In this video, we will learn how to create a volcano by using water and food colouring.

Materials Required: –

  • Normal tap water
  • Red and blue food colour
  • Two popsticks
  • Two small plastic jars
  • Ice cubes
  • Hot water
  • Rubber bands
  • Two transparent cups

Procedure: –

  • Take a transparent cup and fill it with normal tap water.
  • Now tie those popsticks with plastic jars with the help of rubber bands.
  • Take hot water in a container and add 4-5 drops of red food colour in the jar. Stir it well.
  • Now fill the plastic jar with this red hot water and place it in the cup filled with normal water.
  • You will see that red hot water settles at the surface of the cup.
  • Try the same thing with ice cold water.
  • Add 4-5 drops of blue food colour in a container of ice cold water.
  • Fill the plastic jar with blue ice cold water and place it in another transparent cup of normal water.
  • You will see that ice cold water is moving very slowly out of the plastic jar.

Conclusion: –

Cold water is denser than hot water. This is the reason when cold water is mixed with normal water, it will settle at the bottom and when hot water is mixed with normal water, it will settle at the surface.



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