Weather Facts for Kids Video

                                                    Weather Facts

Weather can be defined as the condition of the atmosphere. These conditions can be rainy, sunny, hot, cold, cloudy, and clear. Most of the people generally confuse weather and climate with each other. Both of them are different on the basis of time period. Weather is decided by condition of any given day but climate is based on an average over time.

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • The science of predicting the weather is known as weather forecasting and the persons who forecasts is called meteorologist.
  • We experience different types of weather throughout the year.
  • At any given point of time, our atmosphere carries approximately 1800 thunderstorms.
  • A sand storm can swallow up an average size city entirely.
  • Lightning is a flash of electricity that is around 5 times hotter than the earth’s surface.
  • On January 5, 1974, the highest temperature ever was recorded in Antarctica. It was14.6°C.
  • There are three types of cloud: – cirrus, stratus and cumulus.
  • In 1684, it was so cold that the River Thames was completely frozen for around 2 months.
  • The seasons are really very important factors in the weather we experience.
  • Lightning occurs more than 50 times per second across the world.
  • When a wind from warm front hits the wind from a cold front, a tornado is formed.
  • A tornado lasts for 15 minutes at maximum.
  • Hurricane needs warm water for their energy so it always forms over warm water.