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What is Forensics Video for Kids


                                                   Forensics Facts

The word ‘Forensics’ has been derived from the Latin term ‘forensis’ that means public. It comes from the word ‘forum’. Forensic science uses various sciences to solve complex legal situations. It is generally used to solve criminal matters with the help of samples. These samples can include anything like hairs, fingerprints, blood stains etc.

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • Forensics is also known as CSI. CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigation.
  • The duration of getting a forensics test done can vary. It depends on the type of test that has to be taken. Some tests get completed in an hour, some take a day or two and some of them can even take a month.
  • If the scientists have to determine the time of death they will examine insects found in and around the human remains.
  • Tech savvy scientists can find the evidence that has been deleted from a computer because deleted files of a computer are not actually deleted. They are just hidden.
  • Dental records also prove of a great help because they are among the sturdiest parts of human body.
  • Unlike what is shown in movies and TV shows, fingerprint is not a full proof method. Sometimes, it becomes difficult or almost impossible for experts to match these finger prints.
  • DNA test method is more accurate as compared to other methods.
  • Hair roots can help scientist to determine the gender.
  • Bugs and maggots are used to determine the time of death.


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