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What Makes Stars Shine


Have you ever wondered while looking up into the night sky, what makes stars shine? All these beautiful bright stars are hot balls of gases or glowing plasma. They are held together by their own gravity. With an intense gravitational force, they continuously crush themselves inward.

It is the same force that keeps us on the earth. A star forms from cold clouds of dust and gas, located in space. These clouds are known as nebulas. Our Sun is also a star and it is no different. In 1938, Hans Bethe discovered that the high energy collisions of protons could create enough force to power the Sun.


Quick Facts: –

  • Every second, a star like our Sun converts 4 million tons of its material into heat and light through the process of nuclear fusion.
  • These huge fusion reactors release a tremendous amount of energy.
  • This energy is trapped inside the Sun for millions of years and constantly trying to get out.
  • Stars are able to shine due to the immense heat within their cores.
  • When we see a star, then the light photons from it have travelled across space until finally reaching your eyes.
  • The nebulas are very cold so the atoms bind together and the gases form tight clumps that are known as protostars.
  • The surface temperature of our sun is 9,941°F, and at its core it can reach 30,000,000°F.
  • While photons force their way towards the outer layers of the star, gravity pulls them back in. It helps the star to maintain their spherical shape.
  • Stars are very large and they have extremely high density and pressure at their cores.



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