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Where is the Amazon River Video Information

This is a great video from BBC Worldwide all about the Amazon River. Through this video, you will be able to know where the amazon river is located, how it originally formed, how long is the amazon river and why is it called the “mightiest river on Earth”. You will also be able to learn how the amazon river carries a fifth of all the river water in the planet, how its main channel is 10 miles wide, how the forest it floods is as big as England and how the flood from this river is 10 meters deep. The video will also show the river dolphins that live in the amazon river and how their origin remains a mystery.

Your child will substantially enjoy viewing this fascinating Where is the Amazon River facts for kids video and substantially deepen your kid’s desire to find out more about Where is the Amazon River.

This Where is the Amazon River video is suggested for kids, from ones partaking in early learning programs for pre-K kids, until grammar school kids, clearly as well as pre-school youngsters and children in public schools.

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