Why Dinosaurs Became Extinct Video for Kids

                          Reason of extinction of dinosaurs

The last dinosaurs died around 65 million years ago. Their disappearance is still a mystery. This extinction has marked a boundary between the Cretaceous Period and the Tertiary Period. At that time, a majority of animals on earth was killed off. Scientists call it a mass extinction. There are different theories of extinction suggested by different scientists. There is no absolutely proven theory.

  • A giant meteorite has crashed into the earth near the Gulf of Mexico. It has caused major climate changes. These changes interrupted food supply of dinosaurs. Sunlight was completely blocked for a long time. All the plants died without the sun, and then all the herbivores died because they were completely dependent on plants and it caused the death of all the meat eaters. That is the reason, dinosaurs could not survive.
  • They were suffocated by the ash and gases emitted by volcanoes.
  • Food chain imbalance was the major reason which led to the starvation of dinosaurs.
  • Small mammals ate dinosaur eggs and reduced their population and then it was not able to be upheld.
  • Some major disease killed off the dinosaurs.
  • Some scientists claim that dinosaurs are not completely extinct. All the birds are descendants of dinosaurs.

No scientist has an idea that how much time did the extinction taken. Not a single theory has been proved till date but assumption of meteorite crash is the most popular one.