Wolverines – Download Free Science Worksheet Printables for First Grade Kids

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Wolverines are carnivores. They eat fruit or nuts, but they like meat best.

Get FREE facts about Wolverines Worksheet for primary school kids – Download Free Science Worksheet Printables for first grade kids to fifth graders on our Easy Science For Kids website. Our fun free printable science worksheets for kids can be used for after-school science enrichment classes or for fun home-schooling of your child.  This free word puzzle online resource on the carnivore wolverine can also be used for kindergarten and pre-K kids, as a listening comprehension activity.

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This easy science hidden words game on wolverines will help your kids develop their natural curiosity about the world of science and grow their interest about wild animals and more. Experiencing having fun while learning fun wolverine facts is what this free science word game is about.

Wolverines are carnivorous mammals, meaning they feed on other animals, or scavenge meat. They are also considered as wild animals and are able to defend themselves against predators several times their size such as wolves and bears. The Wolverines are indeed fierce fighter animals!

Free Science Worksheet About Wolverines

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Download the free & fun word search Wolverines Science Worksheet for kids!


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