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Freshwater Birds and Their Types

Freshwater Birds Quiz
Freshwater Birds Quiz

Freshwater birds are birds that live near rivers and lakes, instead of the ocean or sea. These birds are usually expert divers and swimmers and have thick, downy feathers to keep them warm. Some freshwater fish migrate during the winter to warmer waters. Others live year-round in warm areas.

Kissing Swans Image - Science for Kids All About Freshwater Birds
All about Freshwater Birds: Swans kissing.

Think about the birds that live near water in your area. Geese or ducks probably live in parks or near golf courses. You might find a blue heron or kingfisher near wetlands and swamps. If you live down south, you might even spy a few flamingos or storks. Wherever you live, freshwater birds are fun to watch.

Freshwater Bird - Duck Eating a Frog Image
Most of freshwater birds are carnivorous, eating insects, fish and frogs.

Fun Facts about Freshwater Birds for Kids

  • Ducks and geese live on almost every continent in the world.
  • Swans mate for life. They touch beaks to kiss.
  • Kingfishers dive for fish.
  • Flamingos are pink because of the food they eat.
  • Storks are considered a symbol of good luck
Freshwater Birds in a Pond Image
Freshwater birds are birds that live near rivers and lakes, instead of the ocean or sea.

Freshwater Bird Vocabulary

  1. Expert: very talented to experienced
  2. Downy: soft, fluffy, thick
  3. Migrate: move temporarily
  4. Wetland: moist, wet areas near lakes and ponds
  5. Symbol: used to represent or mean something else

Learn More All About Freshwater Birds

Some of these freshwater birds are raised for their meat and eggs or as pets. Watch this video to learn how to raise geese and ducks:

A Martha Stewart episode of how to raise geese and ducks.

Freshwater Bird Q&A

Question: What do freshwater birds eat?

Answer: Most of them are carnivorous, eating insects, fish and frogs. Some birds eat water plants, fruit and seeds.


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