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Pile Dwellings of the Alps


Imagine that you live near a lake or along a river or wetland. The area floods every year as snow from nearby mountains melts. What would your house look like? Perhaps you’d live in a house built on stilts so the melting snow water wouldn’t flood it. That’s exactly what ancient civilizations did in the Alps mountains in Europe.

Earth Science Fun Facts all about Pile Dwellings of the Alps

Earth Science Fun Facts all about Pile Dwellings of the Alps

Fun Facts about Pile Dwellings of the Alps for Kids

  • From 5,000 B.C. to 500 A.D., people lived in houses built on stilts. These homes are called pile dwellings.
  • Many of the pile dwellings are gone, but the wooden stilts remain. Some of the homes and posts are now underwater.
  • The people of this time didn’t have a written language. We learn about them by studying their homes, their tools and their bones.
  • Scientists have found many interesting things at the pile dwellings, such as fabric, wheels and machines.
  • These people were farmers. They raised animals and grew crops. They stayed in one place.

Pile Dwellings of the Alps Vocabulary

  1. Wetland: a marshy area near a lake or river that is often flooded
  2. Stilts: wooden or metal posts or poles
  3. Ancient: very old
  4. Civilizations: village, town; group of people that remains in one place

All About Pile Dwellings of the Alps Video for Kids

Watch this awesome all about Pile Dwellings of the Alps video for kids:

This video is about the remains of prehistoric dwellings, which were discovered at Lake Constance in 1864, and were made a World Heritage Site in 2011.

Pile Dwellings of the Alps Q&A

Question: Where are the pile dwellings?

Answer: The pile dwellings are found in six countries in Europe – Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Slovenia and Italy.


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