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                                            Dust Storm Facts

A sandstorm can caused when there are lots and lots of wind. It starts with huge clouds that carry dust. These miles long, dust carrying clouds have wind speed of 25 miles per hour. These dust storms can be really very quick and destructive. If a person gets caught in a sand storm, then he will be completely covered in dust and debris. And it will get in to his eyes, ears and mouth. These storms generally occur in dry and hot regions like the Sahara desert.

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • Dust storms can really hurt or even kill people. It is the third most dangerous weather condition.
  • They can reach up to a mile in height.
  • You cannot breathe in the middle of a dust storm because the sky gets very thick with swirling sand.
  • These dust devils are known as ‘willy willies’ in Australia and as ‘dancing devils’ in America.
  • Camels can close their nostrils and use a thin third eyelid to cover their eyes. This helps them to keep the dust out of them.
  • A sandstorm starts with a plume of dust on the horizon.
  • The particles raised by sandstorms are extremely unhealthy to breathe in without a mask. Breathing in a dust storm could lead to cardiovascular, eye disease and other serious illness.
  • Desert people wear long robes as a protection against dust storms.
  • Strong and violent winds are the main cause of a sand storm.
  • Dust storms mostly occur during summer but can also occur in spring as well.


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