Angel Shark

Angel shark is a type of marine fish that is commonly found in the Pacific Ocean along the coasts of Alaska, California, Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile. These unique sharks have flat bodies, long pelvic and pectoral fins.

They have two dorsal fins and no anal fin. They are sometimes referred to as monkfish. They have 5 pairs of gills located on the lower side of their body.

They are carnivorous and their diet consists of different fishes, squids, krill, lobsters and mollusks. Their scientific name is Squatina squatina and they belong to the Squatinidae family.

Quick Facts: –

  • Angel sharks have a pair of barbells on their nose that help them to sense and taste their prey.
  • Near these nasal barbels they also have simple whisker like projections.
  • The spiracles located on their head help to pump water through their gill slits.
  • These fish can grow up to a length of 9 feet at maximum and the average length is 5 feet.
  • They have sharp, pointed teeth with strong jaws and can injure their prey severely before eating it.
  • They prefer shallow temperate and tropical waters and they usually stay in small areas of about 50 feet.
  • They are nocturnal and spend most of the day buried in the sea bed and ocean rocks.
  • These sharks can give birth to as much as 25 pups in one single year.
  • Their average lifespan in the wild can range somewhere from 28 to 30 years.
  • They have grey to reddish or greenish-brown skin scattered with small white or black dots.