Barn Owl Facts for Kids Video

Barn Owl Facts :

                                       Barn Owl Facts

The scientific Latin name for Barn Owl is Tyto alba alba. The Barn Owl is a medium-sized raptor that is active at night. They have a white heart-shaped face and white chest with small brown spots. Their face collects sounds in the same way as human ears. They are one of the most widely distributed birds in the world. They are found on all the continents except Antarctica. The back is tawny, marked with black and white spots. The male and female have similar colours but females are larger, darker and more spotted than males.

  • They are non-territorial. Adults live in home ranges which overlap each other and each one covering around 5,000 hectares.
  • In order to live and breed, a barn owl pair needs to eat approximately 5,000 prey items a year.
  • They do not bite or chew their food. They often swallow it whole.
  • They have very long legs, toes and talons to help them to catch prey hidden under long grass.
  • Their large eyes are very sensitive too. They can immediately spot a mouse moving in a very gloomy barn.
  • Their feathers are super soft and help them to hunt silently. But they are not waterproof and can get soaked if it rains.
  • A Barn Owl is has the size of a small cat but weighs only a pound.
  • They usually form monogamous pairs but cases of bigamy, one male pairing with two females occurs occasionally.

What type of sound they make?

  • Barn Owls screech, not hoot. They can fly almost silently. They can hear the slightest sound made by their rodent prey hidden in deep vegetation.

Do they feed each other?

  • It is common for Barn Owl chicks in the nest to feed each other.

What do they eat?

  • They eat small mammals, especially rodents. They also eat birds, reptiles and insects.