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                                              All about Dinosaur

Dinosaurs have lived on earth about 160 million years. They lived on all seven continents including Antarctica. They all were swept out completely during a mass extinction. The term dinosaur was coined by British Paleontologist Richard Owen in 1842 for the very first time. This name means ‘frighteningly big lizard’. On the basis of the structure of their hipbone they were divided into two groups which are Saurischian and Ornithischian. Saurischian dinosaurs had hipbones that were pointed forward and Ornithischian dinosaurs had hipbones that were pointed backward.

Quick Facts: –

  • Some species were massive as most of the people think but some of them were human sized as well.
  • The reason why most of the fossils that have been found belong to big sized dinosaurs because the larger bones were comparatively easier to be fossilized.
  • The Eoraptor is the earliest named dinosaur. The name means ‘Dawn Stealer’ and it was named so because it lived at the dawn of the Dinosaurs Age.
  • Some paleontologists believe that modern birds have been evolved from small, feathered dinosaurs.
  • When Chinese people found dinosaurs’ bones for the first time hundreds of years ago, they thought that the bones belonged to giant dragons.
  • Plant eating dinosaurs had tiny brains relative to their body size but not all of them were equally dumb.
  • Colorado is also known as Stegosaurus state as the first ever stegosaurus skeleton was found here.
  • The speediest dinosaurs were the ostrich mimic ornithomimids, such as Dromiceiomimus. They could run at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour.