Biology for Kids – Video for Kids

                                              Biology for Kids

Biology can be defined as the science of life and living things and their evolution. A person who studies biology is called biologist. This study includes behaviour of animals and other organisms and their interaction with the environment. It is a very much fascinating subject. A biologist answers different questions about living organisms like their characteristics, growth, classification and relation to environment. A specific method is used for this similar to all other sciences. There are so many different branches of biology like: – Anatomy, Botany, Cytology, Zoology etc.

Quick facts: –

  • Scientists believe that there are more than 10 million different kinds of life forms on earth.
  • The largest organ in our body is our skin.
  • If a cell becomes damaged of gets infected then it will self-destruct.
  • German biologist Ferdinand Cohn is credited with introducing the term ‘bacteria’.
  • DNA contains the information that makes the living organisms work.
  • Viruses are not classified in any of the five kingdoms of living things: – fungi, bacteria, plants, protists, animals.
  • Marine biologists have accounted for 1.5 million unique marine creatures and they believe that there are many more.
  • Not all the bacteria are harmful. Some of them are important for us.
  • Approximately 95% of the cells in human body are bacteria and found in the digestive system.
  • Most viruses are so small that they cannot be seen without using an optical microscope.