Can Humans Live on Mars Video for Kids

                                      Can Humans Live On Mars

Although Mars is the second most habitable planet in the entire solar system but for humans, it is a big NO. Humans cannot live on Mars because the environment of the planet is completely hostile to human life. The atmosphere is not breathable at all with extreme cold and acute radiation.

Even though, there are difficulties but humanity always want to go to Mars. In actual, we want to create a backup location in the event that life on earth becomes unsustainable due to some reasons like lack of natural resources or climate change. We will be provided with some raw materials on Mars.

Problems in possibility of human life on Mars: –

  • Mars is not a good option to go if you are made up of meat and need oxygen to breath.
  • Mars does not have any air.
  • There is extremely cold temperature and no air pressure. The average temperature on the planet is -63°F.
  • Even if we will deal with all these issues then we will not be able to survive without sufficient access to spare parts and medical supplies.
  • A constant stream of supplies from earth will be required and shipping from one planet to another planet is way too expensive.
  • Mars has only 40% of earth’s gravity and it is a big question that how human body will get affected by such low gravity.
  • Mars’ surface is covered by a fine red dust and occurrence of dust storm is very frequent on the planet. These storms can cover the entire planet and throw dust up to 20 miles in to the air. Moreover, such storms can last for more than a month.
  • You will not be able to find liquid water on Mars. Entire planet has only frozen ice in the name of water.