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Chameleon Facts for Kids Video


                                           Chameleon Facts

Chameleon is a special type of lizard. There are more than 150 known species of chameleon. Most of them can be found on the Madagascar, Africa, Sri Lanka, southern Asia and southern part of Europe. They vary in size. Brookesia micra are the smallest which can reach only 0.6 inches in length. And Furcifer oustaleti is the largest which can reach up to 30 inches.

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • They prefer to live in the wild and are adapted to movement in the trees.
  • Chameleons have long tails which can be used to grab branches when moving in the trees.
  • They have extremely good eyesight and can easily detect small insects.
  • They can look in two directions at once.
  • Chameleons prefer to live in warm areas like rainforests, deserts etc.
  • Some chameleon species are able to change their skin colour because of special colour pigment cells under their skin.
  • Most of time, they change their skin colour for camouflage but sometimes it could be some other reason like they change into darker colours to scare someone.
  • They do not have ear openings. This is the reason they have poor hearing.
  • They generally eat large insects.
  • The tongue of a chameleon can be longer than its entire body length.
  • Chameleons are solitary creatures.
  • Most of them do not have vocal chords but have the ability to vibrate produce a particular sound.


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