Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is a part of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. It is the world’s first international peace park which was formed to celebrate peace and friendship between the United States and Canada.

The park has a total of 26 glaciers, 762 lakes and 563 streams. Lake McDonald is the largest as it measures 9.4 miles long, 1.5 miles wide and 464 feet deep. It is also one of the main attractions for visitors.

There are total of 175 mountains in the park. Mount Cleveland el. is the highest of them all at a height of 3,194 meters. The entire park covers an area more than one million acres.


Fast Facts: –

  • The Glacier National Park was officially designated on May 11, 1910.
  • It was established as Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park World Heritage Site in 1995.
  • This region receives an average snowfall of around 138 inches every year.
  • The Triple Divide Peak of the park supplies water to three different oceans which are Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.
  • It sits at just over 8,000 feet tall and the Continental Divide runs right over its peak.
  • This national park is also home to the world famous ‘Going-to-the-Sun Road’ which was opened in 1933.
  • In 1936, there was 64 fires recorded in this park and also numerous dangerous fires were recorded in 2003 which left 13% of the land burnt.
  • Glacier National Park is home to 71 species of mammals and its ecosystem has essentially remained intact and undisturbed.
  • There are a total of 151 hiking trails that stretch more than 745 miles. Some of them are simple but a few are very challenging for hikers.
  • The park has over 200 waterfalls.
  • There are nine species of Bats, Blacks Bear, Grizzly Bears, Beaver, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Lions, Mountain Goats, Wolverines and Pikas.
  • Close to 3 million people visit the park every year and this figure continues to grow.
  •  Blackfoot Glacier is the largest glacier in the park spanning over .7 square miles.
  • Evidence dating back over 12,000 years shown signs of humans inhabiting the area.
  • Golden Eagles can be seen in the park.