Green Beans

Green beans are one of America’s most popular vegetables. Like peas, they’re harvested while they’re young and eaten with the shell. Did you know that if you don’t pick green beans when they’re young, the pods harden? The beans inside can be dried and used for making soups like chili.


Fun Facts

  • Green beans grow in two ways: on bushes or on plants with long vines. The bush plants produce a lot of beans all at once. The vine plants (called pole beans) produce beans throughout the growing season.
  • Bean plants have pretty white flowers and deep-green, tear-shaped leaves. The leaves feel a little fuzzy and can make you itch.
  • Green beans used to have a tough fiber (called a string) on them. This string was removed when the beans were cooked.
  • There are at least 130 different kinds of beans. Most are green, but some are purple, yellow, or even spotted.
  • Green beans are healthy. They’re a good source of vitamin A, Vitamin C, and folate.



  1. Pod: the outside portion of a bean
  2. Pole beans: bean plants that need a support for their vines


Questions and Answers

Question: Are green beans easy to grow at home?

Answer: Green beans are one of the best crops for beginning gardeners. They need plenty of sun, water, and rich soil. Plant the seeds at least ½ to 1” deep in the soil. Plant beans in the spring after the soil has warmed up.


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