Hedgehogs – Free Easy Science Comprehension Hidden Words Printable Puzzle

Hedgehogs Quiz
Hedgehogs Quiz

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Hedgehogs Worksheet – Download our fun and FREE easy Science comprehension hidden words printable puzzle for kids. This fun facts about hedgehogs worksheet is ideal for Preschool kids, Kindergarten kids and Grammar school kids in Grades 1-5.

Our hedgehog worksheet includes a fun hidden words printable puzzle as well as a word search game for kids. This free printable easy science comprehension puzzle is FREE to download and FREE to print as many times as you wish.

Pre-K & Kindergarten kids can use our free easy science comprehension puzzles as a listening comprehension worksheet while learning easy science fun hedgehog facts.

Elementary & Grammar school kids can enjoy the hidden words puzzle and use this fun science activity sheet as an easy science reading comprehension worksheet.

Young kids who cannot read and write can still enjoy the missing words puzzle game and learn to recognize letters and words.

Educators can use our printable easy science hidden word puzzle to supplement science classes, for after school enrichment programs, distant learning and homeschooling activities.

Parents can spend quality time with their kids while teaching them fun facts all about hedgehogs and awakening their kids natural curiosity in science.

Our Free Science Site for Kids offers many more fun free easy science hidden words puzzles, FREE word search games for kids and free easy science worksheets.

Hedgehogs love to eat bugs. They eat insects like centipedes, snails, frogs, mice and even snakes. Although hedgehogs have thorny looking spikes to protect themselves, their bodies are fragile and can easily get hurt. Hedgehogs are very cute but are not ideal as pets for kids. Where do Hedgehogs live? What does a Hedgehog do in the winter?

Download our free easy science hidden words puzzle to learn more fun facts about hedgehogs for kids!

FREE Hedgehogs Easy Science Hidden Words Puzzle

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Download the FREE Hedgehogs Hidden Words Puzzle!
Download the FREE Hedgehogs Hidden Words Puzzle!

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