Horse Facts for Kids Video

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Horse Facts Video Information

This short animated video for kids is all about Horses. With this video, kids will learn about the 350 different breeds of horses and ponies and learn what exactly a Pony is. Kids will also learn about the average life span of a horse, how a horse can show its moods with its nose, ears and eyes and learn about what some of their body languages mean. Kids will find out how horses actually spends more energy lying down than standing up, how the horses’ line of sight works, how they are Herbivores and what that means.

View this Horse Facts for kids video and rapidly broaden your children’s expertise of Horse Facts.

This Horse Facts video is simple to learn from for youngsters, from ones partaking in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten kids, until grade 5, certainly as well as young children and parental assisted educational programs.

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