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                                                   Spacesuit Facts

The concept of space suits came from flight suits. Flight suits are used by test pilots or fighter pilots for flights of very high altitude. These pressurized suits are required to operate above the Armstrong line at 19,000 meters. Spacesuits help astronauts in various ways, from protecting them from extreme temperature to providing a pressurized environment for their body. A spacesuit is also known as Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU).

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • A spacesuit maintains a constant volume. You can survive in space for 15 seconds without wearing a spacesuit.
  • Spacesuits are puncture proof.
  • Astronauts will have to face so many challenges in space, like no air, no gravity etc. Spacesuits maintain earth like conditions and help them to survive.
  • The Soviet SK-1 suit was the first space suit worn by a human in space in 1961.
  • Astronauts need to remain in space for extended periods. So they have internal pouched attached in their spacesuits to contain urine. They have a separate pouch for drinking water.
  • On the earth, a space suit weighs around 280 pounds without the astronaut in it. Although in space, it is weightless.
  • The process of putting on a spacesuit is called ‘donning’ and the process of removing it is called ‘doffing’.
  • Astronauts have a camera mounted on their helmet so that scientists on earth can see what an astronaut can see in space.
  • An astronaut takes more than an hour to wear the space suit even with the help of a helper.


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