Mount Elbert

Mount Elbert is the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains with a height of 14,440 feet. This mountain is in the Sawatch Range located in central Colorado, USA. Mount Elbert is named for Samuel Hitt Elbert, a controversial Colorado governor in 1873.

H.W. Struckle was the first person to climb Mount Elbert in 1874. This mountain has 5 main routes that take you to the summit. Two of the most popular routes are the South Trailhead and North Trailhead.


Facts that you didn’t know: –

  • The official summer climbing season to this mountain is between June and September.
  • It has been climbed by horse, ATV, jeep and even a helicopter.
  • It is the second highest summit in the contiguous United States after Mount Whitney.
  • It is considered a great ski mountaineering destination as the dangers of avalanches are fairly low.
  • Mount Elbert is also known as ‘Gentle Giant’ that tops all other rocky mountains.
  • You would have 11 miles to travel round trip on Mount Elbert so you should never underestimate the winter mountain.
  • Hikers should be aware of the risk of lightning while hiking in the Rocky Mountains at higher elevations.
  • During the 1970s a group of Mount Massive supporters decided that Mount Massive is more deserving of the honor of Colorado’s highest peak as compared to Mount Elbert.
  • The best winter route is the East Ridge Route as there is zero avalanche danger.
  • You should plan to start climbing before noon in order to avoid the afternoon thunderstorms.