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Southern Ocean


The Southern Ocean is most commonly referred to as the Antarctic Ocean as it surrounds Antarctica. It has various other names including the South Polar Ocean, and the Great Southern Ocean. It is located in the southern hemisphere. The average depth of the ocean is somewhere around 3,700 meters.

The deepest point has a depth of more than 7,000 meters and it is known as the South Sandwich Trench. It is the fourth largest ocean in the world and it covers only 6% of the earth’s surface. It covers an area of approximately 20,330,000 square kilometers.


Quick Facts: –

  • The Southern Ocean has an approximate volume of 71,800,000 cubic kilometers.
  • It is the only ocean that goes all the way around the entire globe.
  • The boundaries of the ocean are not specifically designated because of the disagreement on its existence.
  • The ocean is home to the world’s largest penguin species which is the emperor penguin.
  • Other marine creatures that thrive in this region are wandering albatross, fur seals, blue whales etc.
  • The largest invertebrate found on the earth is the giant squid, which lives in the Southern Ocean.
  • During the winter season, almost half of the Southern Ocean gets covered with ice and icebergs.
  • There are only a few ports in the ocean including the Rothera Station, Palmer Station, Mawson Station etc.
  • It is the youngest ocean as it was formed approximately 30 million years ago when South America and Antarctica moved apart.



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