The Birth of Our Solar System Facts for Kids Video

                                     The Birth of Our Solar System

About 4.6 billion years ago the solar nebula, a giant interstellar cloud gave birth to our solar system and all of its elements. This cloud was transformed into our Sun. After this, all other following processes gave rise to the solar system that contains 8 planets, 181 moons of all those planets and countless asteroids.

Starting of gravitational collapse: –

This floating interstellar cloud was made up of dust, hydrogen and other gases. It became gravitationally unstable and this lack of stability was caused by a nearby supernova, an exploding star. It sent shock waves rippling through space.

Eventually, all the dust and gas was tugged to the centre of the cloud that made its core very hot and dense.

Formation of planets: –

This randomly shaped interstellar cloud formed a flat disc known as protoplanetary disc. This rotating disc was spinning around the sun that caused it to cool down and form different types of solid materials. Temperature was very high near the sun. All the whirling solids stuck together to form big clusters of mass. Then they grew into the planets of our solar system.

Formation of Asteroid belt: –

The leftover rocky materials of planets scattered through the solar system. These leftovers are known as asteroids. The area that has the majority of the asteroids is known as the asteroid belt. Ceres is the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt.