The Jaguar Free Science Worksheet For Educators

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Jaguars have a tawny coat with black markings that are larger and stockier than leopards.

Learn about The Jaguar –  Download the Jaguar FREE science worksheet for educators. The Jaguar worksheet is ideal for kids in grades 1-5, used as a reading comprehension activity. Also Kindergarten children will enjoy learning fun facts about Jaguars and you can use this FREE worksheet as a listening comprehension tool.

The free Jaguars science worksheet consists of a word search game and a fun find-the-hidden-words puzzle your kids will love doing.  This online word-search puzzle game on Jaguars is a great way for kids to discover interesting facts and information on Jaguars.

Jaguars are big cats and also wild animals. The Jaguar is part of the cat family. The Jaguars diet consists mostly of wild pigs, turtles and cattle, because they are carnivores. Learn more about the jaguar cat with our free science for kids worksheet.

The Jaguar Free Science Worksheet for Kids

[sociallocker]Download the Free printable science worksheet about the Jaguar cats.

Download the Jaguar Free Science Worksheet For Educators
Download the Jaguar Cats Worksheet!


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