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The Physics of Skiing Facts for Kids Video


                                                       Skiing Facts

Skiing is a popular winter sport and leisure activity. The word Ski has been derived from the Norwegian word ‘skio’ that means a split piece of wood. Saint Bernard of Montjoux is the patron saint of skiers. Skiing was a method of transportation in the mountains of Europe before it became a sport. There are different forms of this sport like Alpine Skiing, Freestyle Skiing and Cross Country Skiing etc. Cross Country Skiing was introduced to the Olympics in 1924 and Alpine Skiing was in 1936. The first ever snowboard was known as Snuffer. Sherman Poppen made the first ever snowboard.

Fast Facts: –

  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, also the creator of Sherlock Holmes is credited with the introduction of Skiing to Switzerland.
  • Approximately 80 countries offer some kind of ski area.
  • The Norwegians developed modern skiing in the late eighteenth and first nineteenth centuries.
  • Freestyle skiing is also known as Nordic skiing.
  • Forty of the US states have ski resorts.
  • Franz Pfnur from Germany was the first one to win men’s gold medal in skiing Olympics.
  • Ski jumping is the one Olympic event that men do compete in but women do not. Two different jumps of 90 meters and 120 meters are used.
  • Snowboarding was introduced to Olympics as a sport in 1998.
  • Some speed skiers can ski faster than the average speed of a passenger car.
  • An Italian skier Simone Origone holds the current world record with a skiing speed of 156.2 miles per hour.


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