Tiger Sharks

                                             Tiger Shark Facts

Tiger sharks are large predators with blunt snouts. They are one of the largest shark species on our planet. They have this name because of the vertical, dark stripes found on their body. As they get older, their stripes fade away. They are fierce predators. Tiger sharks have incredible night vision so they mostly hunt at night.


Fast facts: –

  • A tiger shark can reach up to 25 feet in length and can weigh more than 2000 pounds.
  • They usually live alone.
  • Tiger sharks are found in the tropic areas of world because they enjoy warm water. They are a saltwater species.
  • They mostly live in the Atlantic Ocean but a few can be found off the coasts of Hawaii, New Zealand and Japan.
  • They tend to live in deep water but to hunt prey, they move to shallow water.
  • They have powerful jaws with serrated teeth.
  • Their slow swimming makes it difficult for their prey to detect them.
  • They are considered as apex predators. They are not picky eaters. This is the reason tiger sharks are also known as Garbage cans of the ocean. They eat turtles, fish, other sharks, dolphins, sea birds and almost anything else they can get.
  • Sometimes tiger sharks are hunted by groups of killer whales (Orca).
  • Tiger sharks are known to attack humans.
  • Females mate once in every three years because in the mating process they get badly bitten by males.
  • It is relatively unknown how long a tiger shark can live but experts do know that they can live more than 12 years.