Time Travel Possible Facts for Kids Video

                                        Time Travel Possible Facts

Time travel can be defined as moving between different points in time. Some scientists have suggested various ways to make time travel possible by using two of the most successful theories of physics, general relativity of Albert Einstein and Quantum Mechanics. Most of the people believe that time is a constant but Einstein said that time is an illusion. It varies from one observer to another one.

Quick Facts: –

  • Some scientists believe that time travel is possible but renowned scientist Stephen Hawking claimed that time travel was not possible at all.
  • We all know about the first three dimensions that are Length, Width, and Height. Time is the fourth dimension.
  • Humans are three dimensional creatures and our physical world is constructed within these three dimensions. This is the reason why we are not able to see the fourth dimension, Time.
  • There is a possibility that we have already been visited by a time traveller.
  • There are some mysterious photographs available that show capturing some time travellers.
  • Two phenomenon space and time are simultaneous and cannot be separated.
  • Special relativity theory of Albert Einstein states that time changes it speed on the basis of your movement relative to something else.
  • There are four ways by using which time travel is possible, Worm holes, Travel at the speed of light, Super massive black holes and Cosmic strings.