Top 10 Strongest Earthquakes In the World

Earthquakes are one of the most destructive natural disasters. They can cause indiscernible amount of damage in a very short time span. The deadliest earthquakes are not always the strongest on record. It depends on various factors like the death toll, damage and magnitude of the earthquake. These natural disasters have claimed millions of lives in different parts of the world.


Top 10 deadliest earthquakes: –

  • Shaanxi, China (Jan 23, 1556): – Magnitude of this earthquake was about 8 and caused more than 830,000 deaths.
  • Tangshan, China (July 27, 1976): – This earthquake occurred with a magnitude of 7.5. According to the official casualty count, the death toll was around 255,000 but the actual estimate is about 655,000 approximately.
  • Sumatra, Indonesia (Dec 26, 2004): – This deadly earthquake occurred on Sumatra, an island in Indonesia. It had a magnitude of 9.1 and caused 227,898 deaths.
  • Syria, Aleppo (August 9, 1138): – Magnitude of this earthquake is not known but it completely destroyed the second largest city of Syria. This destructive disaster killed around 230,000 people.
  • Haiti (Jan 12, 2010): – This earthquake’s magnitude was recorded as 7.0. According to the official casualty report, the total no. of deaths was 222,570 and 300,000 people were injured.
  • Damghan, Iran (Dec 22, 856): – This destructive earthquake caused around 200,000 deaths. Magnitude of this earthquake is not known. Its epicenter was below the city of Damghan.
  • Haiyuan, China (Dec 16, 1920): – This earthquake’s magnitude was recorded as 7.8 and it killed more than 200,000 people. It destroyed the Lijunbu-Haiyuan-Ganyanchi area.
  • Ardabil, Iran (March 23, 893): – Magnitude of this earthquake is not known. It caused 150,000 deaths.
  • Kanto, Japan (September 1, 1923): – This extremely destructive earthquake took place in Japan and killed around 142,800 people. Its magnitude was 7.9.
  • Ashgabat, Turkmenistan (Oct 5, 1948): – This earthquake caused extreme damage as its magnitude was 7.3. It killed around 110,000.