If objects with mass are attracted to each other then the force between them is known as Gravitational force. It keeps all the planets; including earth in our solar system in orbit around the Sun.

It is also the reason why the moon stays in orbit around earth. Gravity does not have a dual nature. It only attracts, never repels. Sir Isaac Newton discovered the gravity. Stars burn because of gravity as it squeezes their matter together.


Fun Facts: –

  • Gravity represents the attraction between objects as it affects all the objects with mass.
  • The moon’s gravitational pull on the oceans causes the tides on earth.
  • Human body cannot function properly without gravity as they are optimized to function in the earth’s gravity.
  • According to Albert Einstein, gravity is not a force. It is phenomenon what we see and feel.
  • Gravity travels at the speed of light.
  • Gravity’s inverse square law states that the reach of gravitational attraction is technically infinite.
  • This invisible force works towards the earth’s center.
  • The strongest gravitational force in the entire universe is the one that works on black holes.
  • Most people confuse gravity and weight with each other but both are completely different.
  • On earth, gravity is actually different on the basis of your location on the planet.
  • Mountains cannot be taller than 49,213 feet on earth because of the gravitational force.
  • Astronauts do not consume soda or carbonated drinks in space because there is no gravity to separate the liquid and gas.