Eagle Video Clip for Kids

                                                      Eagle Facts

The Eagle is the largest species of all living birds. These creatures are known as a living symbol of power and freedom. There are more than 60 known species of eagles. They are large powerful birds of prey with large, hooked beaks. They prefer to live in forests near large bodies of water. Fish is the main source of food for these carnivorous birds.


Quick Facts: –

  • Eagles have excellent vision and powerful talons (claws) that help them to catch their prey easily.
  • Eagle is an apex predator in the bird world.
  • The White-tailed eagle is the largest with a wingspan of about 7 feet 2 inches.
  • The smallest eagle is The South Nicobar Serpent Eagle. It is only 16 inches in length and weighs only 450 gm.
  • The Bald Eagle is the most common species of eagle. It is not actually bald but it is named that way because of its white head.
  • If food level and temperature stays hospitable then an eagle can stay in the place it was born for its whole life.
  • Eagles return to the same nest every year and repair it each time. They generally make large nests.
  • They lay their eggs in early spring. They lay 1-3 eggs at once. Their eggs are plain white and goose egg sized. Their eggs take almost 35 days to hatch.
  • The older, larger chick in the nest frequently kills its younger siblings after hatching.
  • Bald eagles can fly up to a speed of 40 miles per hour.
  • A bald eagle flew with a 6.8 kg mule deer fawn. It is the record for the largest prey known to have been carried by a bird.
  • A Martial eagle killed a duiker deer that weighed 37 kg. It is the largest known kill by an eagle.
  • Female eagles are generally larger in size as compared to male eagles.
  • On the basis of prey choices, there are two different types of eagles: – Fish Eagles, Snake and Serpent Eagles.