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Earth Facts for Kids Video


Entertain yourself with this fantastic Earth easy science for kids video:

                                              Earth Facts for Kids

Our planet Earth is the largest of all the terrestrial planets. It is the only planet in the entire solar system which is not named after a Greek or Roman Deity. The word has been derived from the 8th century Anglo-Saxon word ‘Erda’ that means soil. Contrary to an old belief, earth is not completely round. It has flattened at the North and South Pole. It is the only planet that has all the three forms of water: – liquid, gas and solid. Our planet is 5 billion years old.

Fast Facts: –

  • 70% of our planet is water but it makes only 0.25% of its total mass.
  • Our planet was once believed to be the centre of the universe.
  • It is the densest planet in the entire solar system.
  • Antarctica is the coldest and windiest continent of earth.
  • There is enough amount of gold in the core of this planet to cover its entire surface in a 1.5 feet thick layer.
  • This planet has only one natural satellite, moon. If it didn’t have the moon, our days would only be 6 hours long.
  • The driest place on earth is Chile’s Atacama Desert as rain has never been recorded there.
  • If there were a tunnel straight through the earth then it would take you approximately 42 minutes to reach from one end to another.
  • The entire planet was covered with mushrooms before trees were common.
  • This planet is the only place where a total solar eclipse can happen.
  • Earth also goes through different phases when from the moon.
  • The atmosphere of our planet is composed of 77% nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and a mixture of other gases like argon and carbon dioxide.
  • We experience four seasons in a year because the planet’s axis is tilted at an angle of 23 degrees.
  • Approximately 95% part of our planet’s oceans remains unexplored.


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