Red Wolf Facts for Kids Video

                                                 Red Wolf Facts

There are only two species of wolves, Red wolf and Gray Wolf. Scientific name of red wolf is Canis lupus rufus. Red wolves are smaller in size as compared to gray wolves. They can have a variety of coat colours like: – yellow, black, gray red but their fur will have a reddish tint. They live in North America.

Fast Facts: –

  • Red wolves are carnivores and generally eat small mammals like: – rabbits, deer etc. They occasionally eat small insects and berries.
  • They hunt alone or in small groups because they are shy and secretive. A group contains about 5-8 members.
  • They are nocturnal that meant they are most active at night and do most of their hunting between dusk and dawn.
  • Red wolves generally mate in late winters.
  • They are best known to mate for their lives. They unwillingly mate with coyotes as well.
  • Females have a gestation period of about 60-62 days. And a female can give birth to 2-8 pups at once.
  • Red Wolves are not very much selective about their habitat.
  • They have a few predators like bears, humans etc.
  • William Bartram was the first one to write about red wolves.