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Top 5 Loneliest Places on Earth


Earth is getting smaller day by day and it is getting harder to find a place with no one around. There is almost no place left where human footsteps have not reached. Thankfully there are still places where getting lost means not meeting a single living soul for days, weeks or even months. Top 5 loneliest places on earth are listed below:


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  • Greenland: – Greenland has a land size of more than 2 million square kilometers but there are no roads or railway systems. There are approximately 2,570 cars in the country. Most of them are in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. Boat is the most popular form of owned transportation. 85% of the country is covered in ice and snow. July is the only month when the temperature gets above the freezing point. An indigenous person from Greenland is called ‘Kalaallit’ that means ‘Greenlander’ in the native language Kalaallisut.
  • Iceland: – Iceland is quite small with a land size of approximately 39,000 square miles. This country has no forests. It is a temperate country, this means neither too hot nor too cold. Iceland is one of the last places on earth to be settled by humans. This country does not have any army, navy or air force. There are no surnames or family names in the country. They use the traditional Nordic naming system.
  • Antarctica: – Antarctica is the world’s driest place and the windiest continent where winds can reach 200 mph. 99% of the continent is covered by ice. On average, the ice sheets of Antarctica are about 1 mile thick. This continent was first spotted in 1820. You will find no trees or shrubs there and only two flowering plants exist there.
  • The Sahara Desert: – The Sahara Desert covers an area around 3.6 million square miles that is roughly 8% of the world’s land area. This part of earth is home to about 2 million individuals. 8000 years ago, crops grew here in abundance. This desert used to be rich, fertile farmland.
  • The Gobi Desert: – It is the largest Asian desert and stretches out in two countries, Mongolia and China. But it is usually referred as a Chinese desert. The Gobi Desert covers an area of 1.3 million square kilometers. There are 400 different plant species found in the Gobi Desert. It is a cold desert.




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